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Control Technology "Janus" Smart Automation Controller


CTI designs and manufactures advanced control, communications and I/O products for process control. The 2500 Series® PLC system is a compatible replacement for the former Simatic® 505 PLC system, and includes state-of-the-art enhancements in functionality and performance. Products in the family include controllers, power supplies, bases, remote base controllers, analog and digital I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, DeviceNet networking modules and specialty I/O modules. CTI 2500 Series® products are installed in the plants of major industrial companies throughout the world. They are continuing a heavy development investment in this system, with plans for enhancements in the instruction set, programming tools, network connectivity, and I/O system. A micro-PLC family based on the same technology, and a line of compatible networked I/O are included in our long-term product road-map.

Control Technology Inc.

2500P-J750 CPU with 3MB Project Memory
The new “Janus” Processor brings completely new capabilities to the CTI 2500 Series® System. Designed to work seamlessly with existing 2500 Series® and Simatic®/TI 505 Systems as well as to look to the future with state-of-the-art programming, protocols and capabilities, including direct access to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) using MQTT. This Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) is fast, agile and optimized for quick, easy, and cost-effective communications. It features integrated drivers to an industry-leading number of protocols, allowing communications with best-in-class I/O devices, drives, and HMI/SCADA no matter the manufacturer. Programmed with CTI’s user-friendly and budget-friendly new JANUS Workbench Software, which supports all IEC-61131-3 programming languages. Initially available in our Classic size, a fully-featured Compact version will be available soon.

    • Features
      Programmed using Janus Workbench Software (JSoft), which allows use of all IEC-61131-3 languages: LD (RLL), FBD, ST, SFC and IL
      Up to 10x execution speed compared to current 2500 Series® CPUs
      Built-in Remote I/O and Profibus interfaces with support for all existing 2500 Series® discrete and analog modules, Classic and Compact Built-in web server for diagnostics and statistics simplifies troubleshooting and support
      Built-in web-based visualization of graphics pages designed in JANUS Workbench
      Entire operating system, firmware, and user program is contained on a standard SD card, which makes replacement of the PLC easy, should you ever have a failure
      Four Ethernet ports with internal switch that supports simultaneous connection to 4 different Ethernet networks
      Support of multiple communication protocols for connecting to major HMI and SCADA systems
      Extensive built-in communications capabilities: Optimized peer-to-peer communications with other Janus Series PACs and 2500P-ACP1 / 2500P-ECC1 coprocessors
      CAMP Client for communicating with all CTI Ethernet products (2572, 505-CP2572, 2572-A, 2572-B, 2500P-ECC1, 2500 Series® CPUs) CAMP Server for HMI/SCADA access Open Modbus Client and Server Ethernet/IP Scanner
      Ethernet/IP Adapter Ethernet/IP Tag Client
      Ethernet/IP Tag Server
      MQTT client for direct access to the IIoT OPC-UA server (future) Profinet controller and device (future)

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