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KEPServer is the leading OPC Server providing unsurpassed industrial connectivity with over 100 down loadable device drivers that support several hundred model types.

With Kepware's DataLogger plug-in for KEPServerEX you can seamlessly log any OPC item/tag from KEPServerEX to your favorite ODBC compliant database like Access, SQL, and MySQL.

OPC Data eXchange (OPC-DX) plug-in for KEPServerEX is a standard that builds upon the existing OPC Data Access (OPC-DA) standard. OPC-DX provides for transfers of data from a source server to an OPC-DX target server.

Kepware is the world leader in communication software for automation and offers unique experience in both OPC and embedded device communications. Since its beginning in 1995, Kepware has focused on the development of communication drivers to automation controllers, I/O and field devices. Operating system support includes; Microsoft Windows Desktop, Server and Embedded (Windows CE and Windows NT/XP Embedded). Today, with over 100 communication protocols, and through the efforts of our direct sales, distribution and embedded partners, Kepware is the leading provider of communications with annual shipments exceeding 100,000 units.

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Oracle business and operations management plug-in for KEPServerEX can be connected, in real-time, with equipment and operations on the plant floor with analytic and connectivity tools tailored for Oracle business solution products. WeatherBug for KEPServerEX brings North America's best source of weather and forecast information as data for use in your automation system. Now you can make control decisions based on current and forecast data from weather stations all around you. iSNMP Suite provides operators with a real time view of the health of their Ethernet network devices, the overall Ethernet network traffic and status from within their OPC client software environment.

increases the reliability and availability of OPC data by allowing multiple OPC Servers to be configured into redundant pairs, then seamlessly appear as a single OPC Server to any OPC Client application.